Testimonials !!

There are trips to India and then there are complete experiences. Royal India Journeys designed a ‘one of a kind’ immersion experience that exposed us to a cacophony of the sights, sounds and flavours associated with this wonderful, diverse country. Friends who have been to India have been surprised by how much we were able to do and see on our trip through Royal India Journeys, compared to the tours they took.What made our trip most special was that there was nothing ‘touristy’ about our journey through seven different states. Everything was customized to meet our needs and wishes, and allowed us to have the most comfortable yet unique experience possible. Simply put, a trip with Royal India Journeys is something that will leave you with warm, unique memories and stories to last a lifetime.-

David And Judy.S, Edmonton,Alberta

Hello Namaste!

Incredible Natural Divine Ineffable Adventures – Yes That's I.N.D.I.A. India, a birthplace for Yoga is HUGE! It’s the dimensions of India, that makes this place special. From the overcrowded and overwhelming streets of Delhi or Mumbai, to the absolute wilderness and solitude of the northern regions bordering Nepal. From the tropical Andaman beaches to the deserts of Rajasthan, India will never stop to surprise you And the diversity with the impressive landscapes, the culture, language and Food Which changes from north to south, east to west and from Province to Province, cities to cities and village to village. India offers something for everyone from beaches to desert, to mountains and Jungles. India also Known as Vegetarian's paradise, is the best place to get Curried Away with Indian Flavours. The Moment you step out of the Plane, you will feel the sense of electrifying experiences throughout your Journey which will be evergreen in your Memory. India is a Place to be Visited at least Once in a Lifetime to Experience beyond Tourism.