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Harris M., Owner and Travel Advisor of Royal India Journeys, affiliated with Nexion Canada ULC, is on a mission to create a community of happy travellers by offering professionally planned holidays with a personal touch; creating everlasting memories and experiences for North Americans planning to visit India/Nepal/Bhutan. Our goal is simple: ''To devise holidays that are both relaxing and culturally stimulating, and perfectly tailored to your needs'' . Our Consultants, are passionate about sharing their discoveries, and travel regularly to India/Nepal/Bhutan regions to keep abreast of the latest developments. Harris himself has spent 30 years in south east Asia having travelled extensively in India/Nepal/Bhutan. He has successfully established relationships with luxury, upscale Hotels and Tour Operators. With their extensive in-depth knowledge and local connections, Harris and his team are uniquely qualified to plan and execute your whole tour to run smoothly. They work hard to create the best experiences and memories for your travel needs and services to India/Nepal/Bhutan. Whether you’re dreaming of a cultural trip highlighting historic monuments and the arts, or a nature-based one with wildlife as its focus, you will find we are passionate about our destinations, and commitment to offering you quality at every stage of your journey. WE ARE 100% CANADIAN OWNED and OPERATED TRAVEL COMPANY.

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