Passport And Visa Information

To enter India you need a valid passport and an onward/return ticket, and a visa. Note that your passport needs to be valid for at least 180 days after your entry into India, and should have at least two blank pages. If your passport is lost or stolen, immediately contact your country’s representative. Royal India Journeys Highly recommend to Keep digital photos or photocopies of your airline ticket and the identity and visa pages of your passport in case of emergency.

Required for most visitors; e-Visa (valid 60 days) available for more than 150 nationalities. Longer trips require a standard six-month tourist visa. Here is the link for E-visa application

You must apply a minimum of four days and a maximum of 120 days before you are due to arrive in India The visa will be valid from your date of arrival in India. It’s a double-entry visa that lasts for 60 days from your frst date of entry. To apply, upload a photograph as well as a copy of your passport; have at least 180 days’ validity in your passport and at least two blank pages. If your application is approved, you will receive an attachment to an email within 72 hours (though normally much sooner), which you’ll need to print out and take with you to the airport. You’ll then have the e-Visa stamped into your passport on arrival in India.

Things To Take Care Of On Your Way To India

When you visit india, you will be given India arrival card(only to foreigners and not people of indian citizens) in plane. A separate customs declaration form is needed only if you have something dutiable to declare. Please complete those forms and keep them ready. As soon as you deplane, you will have to stand in line for immigration learance. Give the arrival card, customs forms along with passport and visas. An officer will check to make sure everything is in order and correct and he will stamp passport as proof that you entered legally in india.


You’re supposed to declare Indian rupees in excess of ₹10,000, any amount of cash over US$5000, or a total amount of currency over US$10,000 on arrival. You’re also prohibited from importing more than one laptop, more than 2L of alcohol, more than 100 cigarettes or equivalent, or gifts and souvenirs worth over ₹8000.

Health And Medical Safety

Royal India Journeys highly recommend you to visit Travel clinic for your Individual situation. If you are on medication , then we highly recommend to see your doctor and get prescriptions accordingly as Local Generic drugs may vary. Although Vaccinations are not Mandatory to visit India, It is highly Advisable to get Vaccinated. Best place to get more information on this is by visiting Travel clinic.

Things To Pack

  • First Aid Kitd
  • Swimming suit/ Light Raincoat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Women should pack a scarf large enough to cover bare neck and shoulders. Conservative clothing such as lightweight pants, loose shorts, trousers and short sleeved shirts. Sweater or light jacket. NOTE-Weather from November to March in india can get little bit cold in evening and night especially in Northern sector of india such as, Delhi, Rajasthan. Fleece Jacket, or sweater will be of great help. So just pack few warmer clothes accordingly
  • easy and comfortable walking shoes
  • sun glasses/Hat or Cap/ sun tan lotion
  • Hand sanitizer/Ear Plugs

Drinking Water

Avoid drinking tap water while in India. Consumption of bottled water is advised. Please ensure the bottle is sealed prior to purchase. Most hotels provide guests with two complimentary bottles of water each day.


Traveling in India is relatively safe just like other places in the world. Just take Simple precautions like you always do when travelling to any foreign country. Use the hotel safe to keep your valuables (passports, jewellery etc.) secure.

Luggage Allowance

The weight restriction for luggage on domestic fights in India is 33 LBS (15KG) per suitcase with a limit of one piece of checked luggage per person. In addition, 15 LBS (7KG) of hand baggage is allowed. This difers from international fight luggage limits and should be taken into account when preparing for your trip. Excess baggage charge can be paid at the airport and is roughly $5 per kilogram.

Traveling By Coach

Land tour packages allow for one piece of luggage per person plus a carry-on bag.

Physical Tour Activity

Travellers must be prepared to traverse a variety of surfaces, which may include: inclines, cobblestones, sand, and gravel or natural paths or uneven road sometimes. You May need to climb steps or stairs occassionally

Shopper’S Paradise

Yes,India is known as shopper’s paradise. India is well known for its Arts and crafts, Textiles from pashmina shawls to silk saris, from cotton kurtahs (long, tunic-style shirts) to scarves, Jewelry, Precious gems, carpets, etc. Royal india Journeys have kept little time for shoppinf on all our tours. Our representative will assist you in navigating those shops as they are well known for high quality material and are specifically chosen for clients from north america.

Little Bit Of General Information To Prepare Yourself For India

India is no walk in the park. You can’t (or shouldn’t) just pack your bags and head to india without at least knowing a bit of what to expect. Travel in India can truly be a highlight of your trip if you plan your trip properly. India is a country, a continent and a world all of its own and it is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once.


Every region of India has it’s own type of food, which depending on where you visit, you may have never heard of or tried. You will have vegetarian options at every restaurant with paneer a staple ingredient. Many of the names are the same, the ingredients are similar but the tastes are much different.

Head Wobble

This is the most confusing aspect of communication between Locals in india and foreigners. It means yes, I hear you and I don’t know. How you know which one the speaker means is up for debate and mostly just takes lots and lots of practice to understand. If you aren’t sure what was meant, you can try to rephrase your question where it is clear what the speaker means. Otherwise, just go with your best guess!. Royal india journeys representatives will take care of such issues should the situation arises.

Touts & Harassment

Avoid eye contact with touts and learn to say no confidently. Along with receiving lots of attention as foreigner , you may be approached constantly from touts, beggars and people selling things on the streets. Almost no one will take your first or second no as a firm answer. Just say NO firmly and politely


India is a loud country. You will be inundated with horns honking, music blaring, loud speakers blasting, firecrackers crackling in the night and people talking and yelling. In the quiet of the morning you will hear the roosters calling, cow’s mooing, dogs barking and cats fighting. If you are a light sleeper, we highly recommend taking ear plugs.


India is known to assault all of your senses from the moment you stop out of the plane in india. It is inexpiable. From honking to with the wafting scents of sandalwood incense, spices and foods cooking on the roads its the experience of a lifetime

Bureaucratic Red Tape

Getting anything done in India takes a lot longer than it would back at home. There are inefficient processes to deal with, conflicting information being given minute by minute, and many tea and lunch breaks to contend with. It can be a challenge to figure out how and where to get things done. Anything is possible in India, it just takes time, patience and persistence.

It is difficult to not have culture shock. You are tested from the moment you step on the plane until the minute you leave the country. Thats exactly is our vision and mission at Royal India Journeys to make your experience to india as memorable one by taking all those hassles away and make your journey as smooth as possible. People used to say that travelling in SE Asia was “college” and India was “graduate school”. You will love it But it canl get under your skin and keep you coming back for more to visit incredible india